The Advantage of Experience

Powerful, well-written content gets your message heard. When we work together, you only get what you need, when you need it — the first time around. This means:

  • No going “back to the drawing board” because the writer didn’t ask the right questions.
  • No high-maintenance creative who requires hand-holding for every step in the process.
  • No worries about meeting deadlines, managing priorities or maintaining professionalism.

Your time is valuable, and I respect that. That’s why I’ve developed a “low-maintenance” process (see below) for getting you what you need. I’ll gather all the information upfront, as painlessly as possible, so you can get back to work as quickly as possible. Rest assured, your content will be delivered on time, on target and ready to deliver results that set you apart from the crowd.

Value that Makes Your Life Easier

With my years of know-how, I’ve turned listening into an art form. Listening well means you can be assured of personalized service and content that’s on target the first time.

Don’t worry about seeking the muse — I’m on a first-name basis with her (or him, if you prefer). Count on a creative approach to get your message across with a tone and style that’s audience-appropriate.

Confidence & Convenience
Partnering with an experienced professional means you can focus on what’s important to you — your business — and relax knowing your project is in reliable hands.

The Process

Pssst…Want to hear a well-kept secret? It really is all about you. Sure, it’s all about telling your story, but it’s also about making your life a little easier in the process. And wouldn’t ease and convenience be a refreshing respite in your day?

The process is simple:

  1. I tailor my services for your needs and goals. An initial interview will help define your requirements and the best ways to reach your audience.
  2. I provide a Project Estimate or Monthly Retainer Amount, along with a Scope of Work.
  3. You provide the required 50% deposit.
  4. I get moving on fact-gathering, research and, of course, writing and/or strategy.
  5. You receive a deliverable that’s on-time and on-target with the message you want to tell the world.